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Keith’s Autumn Detox Tips

With summer fading fast and autumn rapidly approaching, the change of season is a great time to detox.

But why bother?

Does it make you live longer, or does it just seem like longer?! The answer is yes! A lot of aging is avoidable – it’s just a matter of not letting our organs get too clogged up and sluggish. (Due to wear and tear, a misspent youth, or even a misspent mid-life crisis. Sometimes both.)

Improving your diet helps, but it’s a bit like your car, just topping up with good oil helps – it keeps the car going – but it’s much better to drain it all and put in fresh oil. The engine then runs really smoothly, and lasts longer. It’s the same with us, a detoxed liver is healthier and functions better, it will help with absorption and balance blood sugar. The liver and kidneys are also like the filters in your car, every so often they need a service.

But it’s also about relaxing and enjoying good food, that’s why Julie and myself are laying on a weekend of yoga, hands on cooking and gentle detox techniques at our Yr Ocar retreat centre. Bring a pal because it’s bring a friend for 50% off, or get them to book and you come half price. See Details – Click Here

Keith’s detox tip: Parsley is a great herb to detox your kidneys. Or try dandelion leaf, both are slightly diuretic so drink other fluids to compensate. Dandelion leaf or chicory (Dutch endive) are bitter, eat raw at the start of a meal to activate your liver.

Julie’s detox tip: Castor oil packs are a great way to gently detox, all you do is put some castor oil onto a clean dry flannel or similar cloth, place it over your liver area and then wrap cling film round yourself, and the pack. Place a towel on top of that then hot water bottle. Get yourself nice and snug with a blanket or duvet, really relax for 20 minutes and let it all go!

PS: This picture is of the private river which runs next to the Yr Ocar house, the venue for this retreat. Until next time!

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  1. Thanks for the excellent advice, Keith.
    Will add some parsley to my smoothie tomorrow morning & definitely need to do a castor oil pack to de-stress and de-tox tonight!
    Clare x

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