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My Best Ever Smoothie Recipe

Just started the day with  a really healthy green smoothie. The great thing about this is that you can take quite a few healthy ingredients like omega oil, barley grass, raw spinach and lecithin that individually you would have to force down like medicine, and whizz them up into something delicious with nice things like banana and fruit yoghurt.

But just for an experiment, I am doing the healthy ingredients first, just to check it out. So I added 2 tsp (10ml) each of lecithin, barley grass and flax linseed oil. It doesn’t have to be exact just shovel it in.

All the healthy ingredients

Ready to be wizzed up

Smoothie with only the healthy bits

Just as I expected, it tasted like something that’s good for you, OK but slightly yuk. You would need to be slightly paranoid about your health, to make yourself drink this regularly.

The tasty ingredients

Now it’s time to add the nice stuff, lots of tasty raspberry yoghurt, and a ripe banana, or apple. That’s more like it, whizz it up and its delicious!

Keith’s Tip: You can use apple instead of banana, but remember to take the sticky label off the apple, even if it says organic

This is so nice children, old people even husbands will drink it without nagging, and the drink contains so much nutrition. Barley grass is packed with vitamins and minerals and its all in a food form, which makes it easy to absorb. The flax oil is high in omega 3 which is an essential fatty acid or good oil, and the lecithin helps the liver with fat breakdown.

Keith’s tip: You can use rice milk for a vegan version

One warning though, don’t forget to check the mirror before you go out for the telltale green smoothie moustache.

Beware of the green smoothie moustache

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