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Eat, Love and Pray for More!

Went to the cinema last night to see Eat, Love, Pray which was great. It was amazing to see god and prayer featured on a mainstream film. Normally god is a taboo subject it’s a bit like a three-letter word! I think basically god is suffering a major image problem, a sort of stern father figure you need to ask for forgiveness. In my experience he/she is probably more like a doting father, who loves to spoil his (or her) favourite children.

Afterwards we went for a meal at a fairly posh hotel. The food was delicious and really well presented, but I really missed the Bulgarian quantities and prices. This would have been a fantastic starter, but it was the main meal! Where’s the big pile of chips? Luckily Samia ordered pasta, and she eats like a bird (I’m thinking sparrow/blackbird not gannet/vulture) so I could top up with half of her meal.

Looks great but where’s the chips

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