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Saved by Greens and Beans

As you know the journey from London to Bangor on the train can be challenging food wise, see my blog  “the-trip-back-to-wales” . This time I was taking no chances, Greens and Beans the Dru cafe is only a few minutes from Euston station, and an absolute oasis of freshly cooked healthy food. It’s great because it’s a health place, so even if you eat loads of  the organic chocolate or muffins on offer, somehow  it still feels wholesome. If anyone asks about your diet you can proudly announce ” Well I had lunch at Green’s and Beans today”  like any combination of things sold there must be healthy.

A health oasis

Somehow arriving in Greens and Beans it  feels a bit  like coming home. As I have mentioned a few times, the most important ingredient in food is the awareness we add to it, and if you don’t believe me this place is the living truth!  The food really has that something extra. Maggie who runs the upstairs part of cafe, told me this is like heavens kitchen here, the only F word we use is fantastic!  We motivate each other by appreciation, and love what we are doing.  This is also a  yoga centre too, and that really raises the energy of the place, it always feels like it’s buzzing, and all that goes into the food. The great thing is that you don’t pay extra for it.

Maggie with the lunch time buffet

But you can take it for granted there’s plenty of delicious freshly prepared food here. So for the journey I fortified myself with some of the days specials, oven roast veg, black bean curry, lasagna and a whole range of salads. All washed down with a Greens and Beans power juice, with a straw which saves me walking all the way through the train with an orange moustache.

power juice

Keith’s Tip: To avoid a brightly coloured moustache use a straw to drink your smoothies, carrot or beetroot juice.

They are just about to start a morning porridge bar. I will be trying it for myself next week because I have to come down to London early. For once it will be nice for my journey to come to a sticky end!

Next weeks special

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