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How to Detox Part 2: Skin Brushing, Hot & Cold Showers

After giving the liver a bit of a treat, now it’s time to look at another really important detox organ: the skin. Most people don’t realise but the skin, because of its large surface area, is a bit like a third kidney. Through sweat and shedding dead skin we release a lot of toxins.  Also, a lot of skin complaints can be the body’s way of getting rid of toxins, so some conditions can be helped, or even avoided, by actively detoxing.

Keith’s Tip: Be careful what you put on your skin, toxins can enter though the skin as well as leave, use organic or natural cosmetics, toiletries and deodorants.

Skin Brushing

This is a great way to tone and rejuvenate the skin. Use a natural bristle brush that does not scratch. They come in different shapes and sizes, some have a long handle which be useful to reach your back, and in some cases under your belly!

Brush gently around the face and delicate areas, you can get a softer brush for the face.


Brush your skin before you shower when it’s dry, it stretches, tones and removes dead skin. The brushing action also helps the lymph circulate, that’s why it’s always important to brush towards the heart. Unlike blood, the lymph has no pump, so yoga and skin brushing moves the lymph and helps it drain from the body, removing toxins.


Brush gently around the face


Especially around the face

Start by brushing the soles of your feet first, because the nerve endings there stimulate your whole body.

Next move over your ankles, up the calves, then thighs, then across your stomach and your buttocks.

Then brush your hands and up your arms,. And lastly your back.

Always remember to brush towards the heart. You can do clockwise strokes on your abdomen, which stimulates digestion. Vigorously brush your body several times.

Have your own skin brush and look after it  by washing it every few weeks in water, and allowing it to dry.


Always brush towards the heart


Brush upwards on the arms and legs

Hot and Cold Showers

Alternating hot and cold water sounds like some form of torture!  But don’t worry you quickly go numb, and it’s actually very pleasant and refreshing.

It’s the fastest way to get blood circulating into your skin. The hot water draws the blood to the surface and the cold forces it back again.  Start with the shower as hot as you can comfortably bear for about 10 seconds, then turn to cold, and back to hot again. You can repeat this cycle 3 to 5 times.

Keith’s Tip: Warn your family to expect shrieks from the shower room and not to call emergency services!

Start with hot water

Then turn to cold!

It’s such a great start to the day, it really wakes you up, and you feel ready for anything.

Ready for anything!

For more info see our yoga and detox retreats in North Wales.



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