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Detox With Super-hydrating Linseed (Flax) Tea

Why is linseed tea good for you?

Normally we hear about  linseeds, or flax seeds, because they are packed full of omega 3 essential fats, but not so well known is that  tea made from the seeds is also therapeutic. We all know we need to be better hydrated and drink more water. Water round the cells is like oil in an engine, without it they can’t function properly! Even if you have a great diet your body can’t take advantage of it if you are dehydrated.

The answer is to drink more, but if you are stressed your body can be like  a badly watered hanging basket. The water just goes straight through, hardly touching the sides! Linseed tea helps, because it is slightly gelatinous, this soothes and relaxes the colon, and allows it to absorb more water.

Water can pass straight through you just like in a dry hanging basket

The tea is made by boiling a few linseeds in water and drinking the resulting stock. Ideally it needs to be just a bit thicker than water and have a faint nutty taste. If you use too many seeds it comes out very gloopy, but don’t worry you can dilute it with more hot water.

The teas viscosity means the water will hold longer in the colon, and get absorbed better. It’s exactly the same principle as the special compost in hanging baskets, which contains gel to hold the water in the soil for longer.

Minor dehydration is the hidden cause of many illnesses. Drinking linseed tea, having a healthy diet and managing your stress is a sound basis for good health.  Another benefit is that it will hydrate your skin, so you will look better too!

Soon you will be blossoming too!

Horse owners have always fed their animals linseeds to give them a shiny equine coat, but it can work for us too!

With linseeds you can look this good!

How to Make Linseed Tea

This is me making flax (linseed)  tea in India, it really helped me with the jet lag, and getting used to the heat. I took with me to India this pack of Dimensions Linseeds

Sprinkle a teaspoon in a pan

Just sprinkle a  teaspoon of  linseeds in a pan and cover with 1 litre of water

Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.

Drink 2 or 3 cups a day, I add hot water to it to warm it up.

Flaxseed Tea

1 tsp linseeds
1 ltr water

1. In a suitable pan add the linseeds to the water.
2. Bring tea to just under the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.
3. Cover pan and leave linseed to soak for 12 hours or over night.
4. To drink sieve seeds and serve warm you can add hot water to warm it up.

To Serve
This tea can be thinned down with hot water to your desired consistency.

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