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Time and Space

All of us would like to travel through time and space, to change our past. Perhaps work harder, have more fun, to take back something we may have said.

Travel through time and space

From the age of 14 to about 21 I regularly worked at the family business, Squires Timber Ltd. I worked with my father, grandparents, uncle and cousin. Every Saturday I was there and it was really busy! There was quite a buzz of serving customer politely and quickly, and the trust of working with your own family.

Squires West Wickham

Like things I do now, working at the Dru centre, going to do seminars, I took it pretty much for granted just something you did every week. But I was just thinking  the other day how amazing it would be to be there for just 1 day, with my father, uncle, grandparents and cousin. Just to be together again.

How I would appreciate that again, but now it is no longer possible. The business was sold over a decade ago, my grandparents died shortly after.

But it’s only my body that can’t be there. My mind can still think of it, and hear the sound of the electric saws, the smell of freshly cut pine, the feel and weight of the timber. Even the touch of the money notes and coins, keying the amounts into the till and giving change.

The smell of fresh wood

But much more than that I can also send my love to that time to that place, to those people. That heals something inside you, that part of you that was created in that time. But more magically it connects with the people and time through time and space.  and everything changes.

Love can heal your past and your future, and you can send it through time and space to anyone,anywhere.

Love moves through time and space

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