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Alternate Nostril Breath

Alternate nostril breathing (or nadi shodana) is an ancient Pranayama technique. It is the fastest way to balance your mood and feel calm. It’s like a yogic first aid for your emotions!

At any one time you are probably breathing through one nostril more than the other. Generally the right nostril is linked to the thinking part of your brain, and is stimulated by activity, and possibly stress.

The left is more related to feeling, creative side and will be predominant when you are calm.

Basically the alternate breath balances the two sides of the brain, you can use it to reduce stress and anxiety. To prepare for meditation or yoga. To focus your mind if it becomes too ‘creative’ or scatty. It is also a great help with insomnia as it calms your mind quickly and easily.

Try it for a few minutes and see how different you feel!

Try this advanced technique!

Advanced Nadi Shodana

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