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My Wedding

On Monday 2nd July 2012, Samia and myself had a delightful wedding at the Dru Centre in North Wales. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can see it all here.

Bridesmaids Past and Present

This is a picture of my grandmother’s bridesmaids in the 1930’s. A wedding is a great time to celebrate your past generations, and thank them for bringing you here. Often we try not to think about loved ones who have passed away because of the grief we feel, but in reality (mine anyway) love isn’t bound by time and space so don’t feel shy of sending love and gratitude to them, even if they died years ago!

Back two generations

Here are the same bridesmaids in 1959 at my parents wedding

The bridesmaids

Up to date with the amazing bridesmaids at our wedding.

Our amazing bridesmaids Petra, Julie, Radhika, Mouli, SAMIA, Joan, Vera, Ocean, Saraswati

My Parents

This picture from my parents wedding, totally captures the delight of the moment.

Mum and dad

How can you thank your parents for a lifetime of love and support? For me they are amazing examples of kindness, generosity and integrity. As I grew up my parents built their own ‘grand design’ dream house, in-between my dad running the family timber business.

The House that Mum and Dad Built

Uncle Paul

Didn’t want to miss this opportunity to embarrass Paul with this gorgeous photo. Paul is my Dad’s youngest brother, he was born late, and me early, meaning there are only a few years between us. Paul has been more like a big brother to me. This was him at my parent’s wedding.



I was born in Aden, my Dad was in the RAF and had to leave, without my mother on his own, in a little plane, some months before I was born. It was a time of uncertainty, but mum did manage to join him there just 3 months before I was born. They had a great time there for 2 years, a bungalow on the beach, and a dream trip to Kenya, and best of all, me arriving!

Map of Aden

Aden in 1960’s

Because my grandparents didn’t see, me my dad made lots of cine films to send home. Here are some great clips!


First Steps

Getting the hang of it

David’s Dad getting me into bad habits

Raiding David’s Dad’s veg patch

Cycling with Stuart


This is the first photo we have of Samia, with her Mum, Dad and big brother Tufa. The rest of the gang, Sabia, Noorjahan, Thahera and Masum still to arrive.

Little Samia

As Samia grew up her mother’s health deteriorated and from a young age she was caring for her, and the younger brothers and sisters.

Llandudno Day Out

Samia was like a mother to all of them, and there was time for lots of great days out and treats!

Still on the shelf

Later on with support from Sabia and Noorjahan looking after Mum and the youngest ones, Samia helped in the Dru Shop and studied Chemistry at Bangor University.

She also wrote and directed plays for the big Dru events, conferences and celebrations. A young, creative, intelligent, caring and beautiful woman.

camping with the kids


Special friendship

I met Mansukh in 1984 and it really changed my life, because he was different from anyone else I had met before. He really expanded my view on life and friendship. Dru Yoga really calmed me down, and opened my awareness. Mansukh taught me to resolve conflict by thinking about the person and sending them love. It really worked! We did so many amazing things, and still do. Including a walk across Britain, giving seminars and meeting thousands of incredible people.

Together with Samia

As we have known each other for over twenty years, some people ask why has it taken so long! It’s because I first met Samia at one of our conferences. I was running the kitchen and she came to help. The first job was cutting peppers. She was slicing them a quarter of the way down and throwing away the tops!

Samia’s pepper on the right

I sort of suggested it might be better cut them through the middle (see picture, Samia’s cutting on the right). I am not sure this was a great first impression!

_GP_0697But at the right time our love blossomed, and we have been delighted to have our celebration with everyone. We wanted to share our joy and happiness, and the cake!

DSC_0252Love Keith & Samia

See the speeches here

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