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Yogic Eye Exercises: Sore Eyes

If life is becoming a bit of a blur, it might be time to give your eyes a bit of TLC with some yogic eye exercises.

Is life becoming a bit of a blur?

Like all yoga, eye exercises aren’t new, they have been used for thousands of years. But these days we are focused more and more on electronic screens, looking at one point for hours at a time. Even during breaks we have even smaller smartphone screens to strain our eyes on!

Because vision (not shopping, or football) takes up 40% of your brains computing power, tired eyes mean you feel tired. So exercising and relaxing your eyes makes you feel better fast!

Keep sharp with eye exercises

Like alternate nostril breathing, moving your eyes also balances the two sides of the brain, making you feel centred and calm very quickly.

Keith’s Tip: Yoga is great for healthy people who want to stay that way. Please consult a qualified person if you have any known condition, take the exercise gently and comfortable way.

Do not attempt these exercises if you suffer from disorders like glaucoma, trachoma, cataract, retinal detatchment, retinal artery or vein thrombosis, iritis, keratitis conjunctivitis or regular headaches.

Keith’s Legal Small Print

Please read Keith’s Disclaimer before doing this

The first exercise is to gaze at your outstretched finger and then to the distance.

The second to look up with both eyes, keeping the head still, then look down.

The third, is to keep the head still, and move the eyes horizontally to the left then to the right.

The fourth exercise is to look up diagonally, first to the top right then to the lower left..

Repeat by reversing the movement, looking up  to the top left, and down to the bottom right.

Finally circle the eyes around the sockets. First move the eyes to the right in a clockwise direction then to the left going anticlockwise.

Between the exercises at the end, relax the eyes by palming. Bring the palms of the hands up to the eyes. Rest your head into your hands, and open your eyes into the dark space of the hands.

Now try the full sequence with Keith.

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