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Keith’s Food Meditation

Every day we eat but sometimes we may not even taste or remember what we have eaten! My food meditation really helps you bring an awareness back into your eating habits.

1. Start by holding the apple in your hand feel the connection of the fruit with your skin, place it near your face and appreciate the fragrance.

Hold the apple and connect with its energy

Hold the apple and connect with its energy

2. As you hold its aroma may become stronger as the warmth of you hands, and awareness permeate the fruit.

Sense the aroma

Sense the aroma

3. Before you start eating, think of the pip or stone inside the fruit itself, and how this fruit originated from a similar seed

Think of the seed

Think of the seed

4. Image it germinating, the first two leaves reaching upwards seeking the light, the lower shoot moving down towards moisture and darkness.
5. See it growing into the light strengthening the leaves, the moisture nourishing the roots.
6. Imagine the farmer nurturing, the delicate plant and protecting it, as it grows deeper into the earth, and higher in the sky.
7. Growing day and night, through all seasons, and gently maturing.

see apple in the tree

See apple in the tree

8. Imagine the apple blossom growing in the branches, the insects, birds and gentle breezes moving through the leaves.
9. The sun and rain nourishing the fruit as it slowly ripens.
10. Think of the workers picking the fruit, and carefully sorting it into boxes.
11. The drive to market where it is full of life with people buying and selling, imagine the clatter of the market place.
12. Then the journey to the shop, the fruit display where you saw and chose this same fruit.
13. Then remember your trip home and sitting the apple in the fruit basket.


Your apple at home

14. And now back to the present moment and the apple in your hands.
15. Just hold the fruit in your mouth sense the textures.

Sense the texture

Sense the texture

16. Slowly bite into the fruit and sense the burst of flavours. Become aware of the cascade and depth of the flavours,

Really taste all the flavours

Really taste all the flavours

17. Take some time to slowly eat the apple, breath in as you eat to amplify the taste and energy of the food.

You should notice this gives you totally different experience in eating. I am not suggesting you eat all your food in this way, but its a great way to enjoy a healthy snack and develop an awareness that extends into your every day eating habits..

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  1. This is a great way to open the senses and to develop real mindfulness and awareness and appreciation of the blessings of food. Thanks Keith. Also the humourous photos made me smile. Thanks for that too…on this wintry day..Love to you all in Snowdonia!!


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