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‘Last which shall be first, and there are the first which shall be last’ – Luke 14 verse 30

A few months ago Sandra from Dimensions suggested I could help with the swimming at the Rhyl Triathlon. Seemed a good idea at the time and I did get a free halva bar! It’s only half a mile just 30 lengths she said.

the free halva bar

The Free Halva Bar

About a week before the event, I decided it’s about time to start training. The first thing I found is that half a mile turns out to be 40 lengths, and it’s quite difficult, for me, to swim more than one or two lengths, without having a substantial rest!

Soon the great day arrives and we all head for Rhyl. There I see the swimming course and it looks even bigger in real life!

we have to swim how far

OMG! We have to swim how far?

Soon I am getting ready and mentally prepared for the race.

ready to win

ready to win

Samia is there filming, and adds much-needed glamour to the event

adds glamour

Samia adds much-needed glamour

By some great blessing the whole week has been sunny, so the water is a balmy 18 degrees. Then its ready, steady go, and we are off.

we are off

We are off!

It was all excitement, I managed to do the half mile in 20 minutes, and not be last!

The next part of the relay was the cycling, and Brenda was eagerly waiting to take off. She managed to make up some of the lost time bringing our team out of the straggler zone.

Brendha makes up for lost time

Brenda makes up for lost time

The final leg was the running, led by our super fit, glorious leader Sandra, looking fresh she pushes further up the field, making our prophesy true, The last shall be first, and the first shall be last!

Sandra bathes in the glory

Sandra bathes in the glory

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