Detox Techniques

Detox with Fresh Juice

Juicing is a great way to start the day, detox, and supplement your nutrition naturally. It transforms simple vegetables into a delicious drink and the nutrients are in a natural liquid form making them easy to absorb. It’s so easy, try chewing 5 carrots, see how long it takes, but put them through a juicer, and you can drink all those nutrients in seconds! But the really magic thing about juicing is that it is a living food, and when you drink it straight away, it is full of vital energy!

Living energy, or ‘prana’ in yogic terms, nourishes you physically and mentally. That’s why juice or raw food is so refreshing. But the great thing is it’s totally calorie free! You feel full and energised but not heavy! Juices are ideal when you feel poorly, as you get a double boost of energy, directly from the juice and that you don’t use digesting it! Also the prana or vital energy, stimulates your immune system and magically helps the body heal itself.

Keith’s tip: fresh vegetable juice is full of prana or living energy which vitalises you.

There are basically two types of juicer, centrifugal juicers which mash-up the veg and spin it like a dryer so that all the juice comes out, or masticating juicers that squeeze the juice out. The latter are better, as more juice and nutrients are extracted, but much more expensive. Its a bit like comparing a Harley Davidson and a moped. But like a moped the centrifugal juicer gets you there even if you have to park it down the road out of sight. so it’s great to start with and you can pick one up for about £20.

Keith’s tip Buy a juicer and give your microwave to someone you don’t like

my champion juicer

I have a top of the range champion juice (of course). When you switch it on it hums, and I really feel like I know what I am doing. Cheap juicers make a high pitched screech.

Normally I use a base of carrots, as they are nutritious and taste good, a smaller amount of beetroot, you don’t need so much because the flavour is strong. Then some celery, and apple to really make it taste nice, and a little ginger which gives it a bit of a kick.

Raw Ingredients

Ready for the juicer

Keith’s tip: ginger as well as tasting nice is extremely therapeutic, it aids circulation, can reduce nausea and stimulates digestion.

You could also add garlic, which is a great natural antibiotic, and it’s really clever because it only kills the bad bugs! With normal antibiotics the healthy bacteria are wiped out too, leaving you prone to candida which quickly replaces them. Also the garlic smell on your breath really keeps people away from you meaning the infection does not spread.

Finally I added about a teaspoon of flax (linseed) oil which is high in omega 3 fatty acids, and helps you absorb the fat soluble nutrients.

Don’t try to use the waste fibre for anything but compost—we have had a few disasters trying to make burgers, high fibre soup, even ice cream!


The only downside to juicing is the cleaning, which defies the dishwasher. Where is my juice assistant?


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  2. I love to juice but I am concerned about recent information on some health websites. Is it true that juicing fruit liberates fructose when fibres are torn apart?

    I have read that the effects of fructose from this are dangerous to health if consumed on a regular basis?

    • If you drink the juice slowly and savour it in your mouth, to regulate the flow of sugars into the body. Treat it more like a small meal rather than a drink to be gulped down. Vegetable juices are better in this respect as their natural sugar content is much lower.

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