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Keith’s Top 10 Health Tips


‘All you need is love’ applies to food too. I have put this as my first tip, because it is the least recognised, but most important one! I call it vitamin L and most of us are sadly deficient in it!

Like mothers food, or a romantic meal. Love is the magic ingredient that makes food more delicious, and nourishing. You add something of yourself to the meal when you prepare food. It can transform a simple meal, or spoil the best ingredients.

See my post on Anna Yoga, the yoga of food.


This is my second favourite tip. Most of us just consider the nutritional benefits of what we eat.

But how and when you eat is just as important. If you are stressed or agitated you can’t absorb the nutrients so well, no matter how good the ingredients.

Being relaxed means you can absorb all the elements of the food. Try my food meditation to develop awareness as you eat.


What you eat is of course important too! Try eating more alkaline foods. Which are fresh fruits and vegetables, and unrefined grains and pulses.

Reducing acid forming foods, sugar, refined and processed foods and too much meat.


Good food and sleep are the foundations of ayurvedic health. Being regular allows your body clock to help with sleep and digestion.

There are also times of the day, that help certain activities. The sun is strongest at midday, and this fire energy favours digestion. An adequate lunch and breakfast, is better than eating too much late in the evening.

In Ayurveda fire energy is also strong again at midnight, so it recommends getting to bed before this, for a nourishing sleep. Rather than work or party into the early hours.

5-superfoodsSuperfoods like barley or wheat grass powder are a great way to supplement your nutrition naturally. Your body recognises it as food, and it has the whole package of nutrients your body needs.

6-juicesMy saying is ‘Buy a juicer and give your microwave to someone you don’t like!’

Fresh vegetable juice is the fastest way to get fresh nutrients into your body. Also it is full of vitality,I call it vitamin V. This is another ingredient you won’t see on the packet!

In Dru Yoa it is called prana, or life force. Having living foods like fresh juice is like eating vitality, which gives you more energy. See my post on juicing.


If you are stressed all the time, you can’t absorb all the good things in your food or detox.

Techniques like my relaxation, castor oil packs and salt baths are quick and easy ways to get your body deeply relaxed.

They can all be done safely and easily by yourself at home. Don’t wait till you have spare time. ‘Make an appointment with yourself’ on a regular basis.

woman in a towel

In ayurveda oil massage is used to relax and nourish the body. It also helps move lymph around the body and drain toxins.

See my post on Self massage it is a great way to have a free, and regular relaxing therapy.

sitting on the pierAdequate hydration is important, but if you are stressed, your body dehydrates and water goes straight through you. Regular relaxation is important, so your body hydrates properly.

Linseed tea can help. It has a relaxing effect on your colon, and makes the water slightly more viscous and easy to absorb.

man walking in the woodsAyurvedic health is based on balancing the elements in our body. That is why walking in nature is so healing. All the elements are there:

There is fire in the warm sun, air in the breeze, earth beneath our feet, and water in the earth, a stream, or in the rain!

Walking through the living energy of the plants, also boosts your vitality.



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