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Cooking with St Valentine’s

Today is Valentine’s Day and its good to remember the first one which was nearly 2000 years ago in Roman times. Valentine was a priest before Christianity was recognised in Rome and he was imprisoned for his beliefs. But that didn’t stop him performing wonderful miracles.

While in prison he came to discover that the jailer’s daughter, Julia, was blind. Out of great love and compassion Valentine healed and restored her sight. Unfortunately, soon after that he was martyred for his faith. But just before he died, he sent a message on a small piece of paper to Julia. It read ‘From your Valentine’ and expressed undying love. This was the first ever Valentines card.

We got more Valentine’s day messages than we expected today. The new ‘Cooking with Love’ book arrived in North Wales on loves greatest day February 14th  packed with our favourite recipes, Ayurvedic tips and the yoga of food.


Books arriving on St Valentine’s Day

Quite a few people were there, so I signed a few books with personal messages.


One of the private, personal messages


In life all you need is love, in the kitchen all you need is cooking with love!

Staying advert-free

To keep my blog free of annoying adverts and exclusively full of quality content, I’ve written a fantastic ebook ‘Keith on Food’ which I hope to entice you to purchase. It’s an excellent read even if I say so myself, and I hope you will take a look. Here are the links for the US and the UK, but it’s surely available worldwide.
Thank you so much.

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