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Self Isolation or Super Detox Retreat at Home

Just a simple cough or sniffle may find you at home and keeping away from people for a week or two. An ayurvedic detox yoga retreat in a tropical location is an impossible dream—particularly as you can’t travel to India at the moment.

One way to pass the time are your favourite box sets and indulging in comfort foods. The trouble with that is you get through them all too quickly and it’s still only 1 pm on the first day!

So why not turn it into a super detox retreat at home instead?

It will make a real difference to your long-term health and recharge you for the months ahead. What’s more, retreating at home instead of abroad will save you thousands of pounds in travel costs (more ecological too).

Detoxing helps to strengthen your immune system and aid with your recovery.

My detox retreats are based around a simple programme that you can follow in your own home. It’s a chance to learn some yoga, and get into better eating habits which in turn can help you lose weight.

As it’s suddenly a week of Sundays, replace that long lazy lie-in which can make you wake up feeling tired. Get up at 7am instead with a feeling of excitement about your free retreat.


Put the tea and coffee to one side and rehydrate and energise with warm water with a little bit of fresh ginger and squeeze of lemon. This will warm you up and gently stimulate your digestion and circulation.

Morning Yoga

All great retreats start with early morning yoga so don’t miss your session. If you know some yoga you can create your own class.

If you don’t you can visit for a 30 Day FREE TRIAL.

There are loads of great classes on there. My favourite is to start with an activation sequence called an “Energy Block Release”. Then do the Sun Sequence and finish with a relaxation.

Here are some great ‘wake up’ classes


For breakfast put away the white bread, cereals and frying pan. Get fresh with a big bowl of fruit with some seeds and your favourite toppings. You can try stewed fruit or (if you are really hungry) soaked muesli with extra fruit.

Self therapy

Now it time for your first therapy. Book yourself into your own bedroom with your own personal therapist…You!

Make sure the room is a comfortable temperature and warm up some massage oil. You can do this by putting the oil in a glass and placing it in a small pan of hot water.

Normally in Ayurvedic massage they use organic sesame oil or organic coconut oil, but if you don’t have either of those you can use extra virgin olive oil.

You could put a few drops of lavender essential oil in to make it super relaxing. If your partner friend or relative is in the house you could employ their skills. If not, don’t worry you can self massage— then you won’t have to keep telling them to press harder or stop tickling.

Start from the feet (giving special attention to the toes) and work upwards.

Now is the time to give something back to your body. Part of self-massage is about caring and loving yourself so give yourself plenty of TLC. 

Then move on to the ankles with the massage strokes moving upwards. Compliment yourself on your technique and bedside manner. Work up the legs and torso and the parts of your back that you can reach.

Then work on your face, neck and arms.

Relaxation Therapy

Keep your logged on and treat yourself to a deep relaxation.

You may find you have been stressed continuously for many years and never really relaxed properly. Now is the time to really let go. Release the stresses and strains that have built up over years. You can only detox properly when you are totally relaxed.

Vegetable juice

A great mid-morning booster and part of any good retreat is a glass of freshly-pressed vegetable juice. So wipe down your old vegetable juicer and get going. Carrot, beetroot, celery, ginger and apple are my favourite.


Now you are topped up with energy it’s time to cook. Normally there is no time as we are so busy rushing to work we can end up fuelling up with coffee, sweet snacks, takeaway and processed foods.

On your retreat you will be surprised how easy and quick it can be to make healthy meals based on vegetables and simple wholefoods.

Visit my blog post where I explain my 7 Day Meal Plan.

IMPORTANT: You need to put the slow cooker on the night before.

To get all the recipes free simply subscribe to this blog.

My Meal Plan provides you with an alkalising diet of fresh fruits and vegetables which are high in nutrients and low in calories. Meaning you can eat lots and still lose weight.

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For lunch you can have a triple dose of healthy vegetables with steamed, salad and a simple vegetable soup.

Freshly cooked quinoa is light and packed with protein.

At the same time start preparing the evening meal using a slow cooker. The great thing about a slow cooker is that it will carry on cooking while you are having your afternoon therapies. It will chug along happily without you having to intervene at all. It’s so easy!

Just to put in some freshly chopped vegetables (carrots, celery, onion and leek) then sprinkle in a few lentils for protein. Top this with lots of vegetable stock add a few herbs, salt and pepper. 4-6 hours later you’ll have a hearty stew that is going to be the basis of your evening meal.

Remember lunch itself is a therapy. We are so used to eating in a rush during a short break. So take your time, sit down comfortably. Feel grateful for the food that a lot of effort has gone into to bring it to you. Close your eyes and just for a moment thank the Earth for nourishing you. For so long we have taken everything for granted. For a few moments be grateful for your house or room, fresh water and your internet connection. Without that you couldn’t get your free classes. Then really enjoy the delicate flavours and textures take time to taste.

Afternoon nature walk

After lunch you could head out to a nature spot for a quick walk. While you are out try to engage all your senses. Look at the trees, listen to the birds, feel the breeze on your face, smell the earth, touch a leaf or some damp moss on a tree. If you can’t get out and keep a safe distance from people, do the same in your garden if you have one. Failing that open your window and put your face next to the window box. Some plants look like trees close up which is nearly as good. Or sit under your favourite houseplant and image the rest.

Afternoon Yoga

Now it’s time for your second yoga class. If you have some favourite postures use those or log back onto and pick a class. My favourite afternoon one is the Earth Sequence followed by another deep relaxation.

Epsom Salt Bath

Late afternoon is time to luxuriate in an Epsom Salt Bath. Get some Epsom salts if you can because this makes it super relaxing. The magnesium in the water soaks into your skin and allows the cells to release excess sodium. Epsom salts are in a lot of supermarkets normally along the isle where the toilet rolls used to be. Otherwise order them online, I managed to get 3 kg on next day delivery which can last you all week.

Caster Oil Pack

Another great therapy to do at home is a castor oil pack which you can do in the evening or on another day.

Retreat Outline

Night before:
Place all the ingredients in a slow cooker and leave to cook overnight.

7.00 am Warm ginger/lemon drink

Yoga Session 1

8.30 am Breakfast with fruits, seeds and toppings

10.00 am Self massage and relaxation

11.30 am Fresh vegetable juice

12.00 pm Prepare a light lunch and evening meal

1.00 pm Eat lunch

2.00 pm Rest or walk in nature

3.00 pm Afternoon Yoga

5.00 pm Epsom salt bath

6.00 pm Supper

8.00 pm Relax with a castor oil liver pack

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