Keith squires doing yoga

Keith combines a background in nutrition, Ayurveda, herbalism and cookery with over 30 years of experience as a plant-based chef.

He travels widely, teaching in workshops, retreats and courses around the world. His events are hugely entertaining as well being full of practical knowledge on how to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

He is an experienced UK media presenter, and has made TV appearances in countries as far afield as Greece and India. His popular blog, keithonfood.com – has become a one-stop destination for on-line inspiration and resources.

Some authors are great chefs, others will tell you all about different foods and their nutritional benefits. Many of them are great story-tellers and inspirational writers. There are books that are funny and at times truly meaningful.

Keith crams all those qualities into a single volume, ‘Cooking with Love‘ which he hopes is a book you won’t be able to put down. And not just because your fingers are sticky from making the recipes.

Contact: keith@druworldwide.com



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  1. Thank you again for the brilliant and engaging demonstration of Ayurvedic cookery at Dru Yoga Centre this afternoon. The spice mix was absolutely gorgeous and I am rushing out to buy all the ingredients tomorrow. I already have some of the ingredients for my Ayurvedic morning porridge on hand. Hope to be able to come back soon for more cookery fun. With Thanks Violet.


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