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Keith combines his background in ayurveda, herbalism and yoga with over 30 years as a plant-based chef. Author of 'Cooking with Love' Keith is known for his highly engaging retreats, courses and workshops.

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The Trip Back to Wales

I thought Bulgaria was bad for veggie food, till i just got the train to Wales. Was a bit late, so no time to stop at the Euston M&S food store for a really healthy falafel wrap and salad as planned. Had to rush on the train at […]

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More Food Inspiration From Bulgaria

Its my turn tonight to cook again! Whoever is doing the rota is forgetting to put themselves on it… So pinto beans tonight, why? Because we have got about three things to choose from and we have done the other two. So I soaked these for 8 hours. People […]

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Today’s Quick Lunch

Today its my turn to cook, I am going making a really nice dal. Not simply because its easy, just boil a bag of lentils and add a few spices , or because its cheap, (a bag of lentils is about a quid, which then triples in size when […]

Bulgarian Super Salad

What I like about this is that it uses simple ingredients, but is really nicely presented. It’s made with all local, seasonal produce, which is very much a feature of Bulgarian food. You can go to the supermarket and the apples are actually different sizes, some are even bruised, […]

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Latte Grande Bulgaria Style

Not quite costas but only cost .90 of a bulgarian lev, thats about 40p, so saved about a tenner on my coffee addiction alone over the last 3 days.

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Keith’s Autumn Detox Tips

With summer fading fast and autumn rapidly approaching, the change of season is a great time to detox. But why bother? Does it make you live longer, or does it just seem like longer?! The answer is yes! A lot of aging is avoidable – it’s just a […]

Bulgaria Update

Eating out tonight in Bulgaria which is always fun as a vegetarian, in fact i don’t think I am one any more! I have my phase book and say no fish, no meat and point to the script, which is like greek to me but worse. Its all […]

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Run Your Car on Veggie Oil!

If you’d stayed at Snowdonia Mountain Lodge a few years ago you may have noticed something fishy about the smell of chips in the car park. Had the cafe degenerated into a cheap fast food outlet, abandoning the values of Dru Health and Nutrition? No, actually it was only […]

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