Ayurveda Online Course


Transform your health in 30 days

“I’m completely hooked! It’s a great introduction to Ayurveda.”
Stephanie Latorre
Digital Marketing Mentor

Create a personalised health plan by learning how to tailor your foods, remedies, supplements, therapies, exercise and lifestyle to suit YOU.

Ayurveda is the science of long life. It recognises that every human being is totally unique, with an individual constitution type. Learn the precise tools to enrich the quality of your life, boost your energy levels and stay young and vibrant.

Created by Keith Squires, Annie Jones and other Ayurveda and yoga experts, nutritionists and therapists, this course called ‘Eat, Heal, Evolve’ includes:

  • yoga sessions
  • cookery demonstrations,
  • lectures
  • self-analysis
  • diary and worksheets.

Learn how to use herbs optimally, adapt recipes, tongue diagnosis, increase your agni (digestive fire), lower your ama (toxins) and a daily detox routine (dinacharya) you’ll never want to miss!

Module 1 Introduction to Ayurveda.
Self-analysis to discover your unique constitution.

Module 2 How to cook for your true self.
Improve your digestion.

Module 3 How to tailor your yoga and meditation practice.

Module 4 Daily detox programme.

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