Keith on Ayurveda

Coming soon!

If you have enjoyed reading about Ayurveda and would like to know more, my upcoming ebook is the perfect follow-on. For the price of a good cup of coffee, you can start practising real Ayurveda straight away.

There’s a lot more detail about the constitution types, understanding the six tastes and making Ayurveda part of your daily routine. I explain the techniques and philosophy in an easy-to-understand, fun and practical way. There are some totally new Ayurvedic recipes, including the South Indian ‘dosa’. This is a crispy rice pancake with a delicious filling, spicy sauce and coconut chutney. Now you can have a dosa for your dosha!

In Ayurveda they say the biggest obstacle to your health is procrastination. We put things off (good food, exercise or yoga) always planning to start tomorrow. But disease doesn’t wait—it slowly and invisibly gets established. It spreads its tentacles, waiting for the perfect time to appear. ‘Keith on Ayurveda’ is like a manual to help you untangle these roots of disease and banish them from your body. Allow your health to rule supreme!

Inside the ebook:

  • How to understand your dosha
  • Ayurvedic cooking and the six tastes
  • Ayurvedic living in the modern world
  • dinacharya: your daily detox routine
  • Ayurvedic recipes and home remedies.

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