Keith on Food ebook

If you have enjoyed reading about Ayurveda and plant-based cooking and would like to know more, my book ‘Keith on Food’ is the perfect follow-on.

Keith on Food ebook

Vegan-friendly, health-friendly and humour-friendly food-lover’s complete guide to food.

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People often ask me, ‘What are the secrets behind your cooking, Keith?’

My secret is that the way you cook the food, as well as the ingredients and the method, makes a huge difference to how it turns out. I’ve therefore included an introduction to Ayurveda, with tips and recipes, to help you understand about your own body’s constitution.

Ayurveda recommends a mainly plant-based diet. To help with that, there’s a chapter on the different aspects of healthy plant-based eating.

In this book I reveal everything you need to know about how to add that extra something to make your food unique and special. You’ll also learn fascinating facts about the nutrition, history, mythology and legends of my favourite ingredients.

My childhood headmaster used to say, ‘I’ve taught them everything I know and still they know nothing.’ I’m sure that won’t be the case after you’ve read this book. There is something here for for everyone, even if I say it myself!

Buy ebook for £4.99