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Detox Diary – Part 1

I normally do a good week of detoxing in the spring and autumn, but I also like to do a day or two every month. especially this time of year after enjoying myself too much over the Christmas holidays!

Keiths Tip: If you want to try this for yourself, make sure you prepare properly see Detox Pathway for all the info.

7.30am It’s still dark outside, but it’s time to wake up for my special detox day. It’s easy to keep putting it off, and on a cold January morning and its hard to resist the temptation of a nice warm breakfast. But today I determined to start the day with a gorgeous liver flush.

The king found himself back in the royal bed

Time to wake up early for my detox day

8am.I eagerly get all my ingredients ready for my liver flush and detox tea, see my liver cleanse smoothie post on how I made them.

All you need for the smoothie

All you need for the smoothie

8.15am Time to put on the detox tea, see smoothie blog, and drink the liver flush. The garlic is really strong!

you can tell its doing you good

You can tell it’s doing you good

8.40am The detox tea is ready, so I drink my two cuts of tea 20 minutes after my liver flush smoothie. This helps me digest the smoothie, and helps my kidneys eliminate any toxins released from the liver.

Time for a nice cuppa of detox tea

Time for a nice cuppa of detox tea

9.00am It’s all go! Now I am ready for an invigorating hot and cold shower.  This pumps blood in and out of the skin, which acts like a third kidney, getting toxins out of the body. Followed by a winter wonderland walk in nature, to get the smell of garlic out of the house!.

Time to enjoy a nice walk in nature,

Time to enjoy a nice walk in nature,

10.00am Popped into a cafe for a hot drink, managed to resist the temptation of a cafe latte or hot chocolate, and have a nice cup of peppermint tea.

missing my latte for a nice peppermint tea

Missing my latte for a nice peppermint tea

11.00am Back home again and energy flagging so it’s time for a fresh veggie juice. Vegetable juice gets nutrients into the blood fast, and helps you detox.

My energy boost juice

My energy boost juice

11.30 am Ready to really savour a nice piece of fruit, using my food meditation technique. Food tastes so good when you haven’t eaten for a while, it’s great to savour every mouthful.

First bit of real food today

First bit of real food today

12.00 Start preparing my detox lunch, kitcheri which is a mix of moong beans and rice. It’s like a porridge, and very easy to digest. See how to make it in my blog Real Kitcheri that is not kitsch.

add rice

Making some delicious kitcheri

12.30pm Also going to have this with some of my amazing ayurvedic 6 spice mix. This tastes great but also helps stimulate digestion click this link for recipe

grinding my ayurvedic 6 spice mix

Grinding my ayurvedic 6 spice mix

1.00 pm Lunch time!!

time for my detox lunch

Time for my detox lunch

2pm Now my favourite part relaxing in bed with my castor oil pack and hot water bottle. This really relaxes the liver and helps it detox naturally.

wrap the pack with cling film

A castor oil pack relaxes the liver

Keiths Tip: If you are looking for a quick fix, a castor oil pack is an effective and gentle way to detox the liver.

4.00pm Can’t put it off any longer now it’s time to gently detax, and sort out my tax return, till tea time!

4.10pm Second thoughts! Decide to relax with an inspiring DVD instead.

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