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Deep Relaxation with Keith

Savasana is the yogic name for deep relaxation. In Sanskrit sava means corpse and asana is pose so savasana is the corpse pose. Sounds a bit gruesome but it is probably the most powerful postures in Yoga. The good news is you don’t have to be super fit or supple, you  just have to lie back and relax!

The deep relaxation is better than sleep, and allows your body to balance and heal. Get yourself comfy on a mat, your bed or outdoors on the grass or beach!

The corpse pose is with your feet hip width apart, with your arms to the side.

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Spend about 20 to 30 minutes relaxing in this posture. Unless you are out in the sun cover yourself with a rug or blanket to keep warm, as your body temperature drops during the posture.

Keith’s Tip: Remember if you are a teacher, the most important part of the class is a good relaxation at the end.

Enjoy my short guided savasana.

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