Keith’s Ayurvedic Spice Mix

This spice mix contains all 6 Ayurvedic tastes, so it makes any meal easier to digest and more balanced. It’s also delicious which helps you eat and enjoy healthy food.

Ayurvedic Spice Mix

3 parts fennel seeds
1 part ground turmeric
1 part ground cumin
1 part dried ginger
1 part black pepper
1 part cardamom seeds
1 part salt
1 part jaggery
1 part fenugreek
1 part dried mango powder
(all powdered)

For each batch I use 3 tsp (15ml) fennel seeds and 1 tsp (5ml) of all the other spices.

The Daily Grind!

Some spices are better freshly ground, this time I used fennel seeds, cardamon pods and coarse ground black pepper and ground them myself in a pestle and mortar.

coffee grinder

My mum’s unused wedding present

Found this old grinder in my Mum’s loft, sparks a bit and fused the house briefly, but was handy when my arms got tired!

Although cardamom is available ready powdered there is nothing like the aroma of the freshly ground seeds, especially when someone else is doing the work! First you need to remove the shells and peel enough so you have 1 tsp of the seeds.

Shell the cardamom seeds

The cardamom is a ‘sweet’ taste in Ayurveda which increases decreases the elements of air and fire in your system. It’s great if you feel too fiery or agitated, or airy and ungrounded.

Grind the seeds

Add the pepper and fennel for grinding

Add Salt & Sugar


The last spice I added was mango powder (amchor powder). This is the sour taste, which is good for anyone with too much air in their constitution.

Add mango powder


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