Detox Techniques

Enjoy an Epsom Salt Detox

Taking a 20 minute epsom salt bath is just about the best way to chill out, relax and enjoy a great detox, all at the same time!

Enjoy a great detox

About Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are made of the mineral ‘magnesium sulphate’. Both magnesium and sulphate are important nutrients for the body, and are easily absorbed through the skin when added to a bath. An epsom salt bath also draws toxins away from the body, and helps you relax.

Magnesium is an essential nutrient

To get enough magnesium it’s important to eat lots of green vegetables. However stress can make it more difficult for your body to absorb magnesium, that’s why soaking in an epsom salts bath is so good. It’s an easy way to de-stress and get a boost of this much needed mineral!

You need a couple of good handfuls of Epsom Salts

Simply sprinkle it into a running bath. It dissolves quite easily, but stir the bath well so that all the salts are completely dissolved – otherwise you might find it’s a bit lumpy to sit on!

Add the salt to a hot bath

Check the temperature

Make sure the bath is nice and hot, ready for a good 20 minute soak.

A bit more hot water

Epsom salt bath

Gently lower yourself in

Then just relax and let the salts do all the work!

Time to relax

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  1. Epson salt baths are great but you can also go and have a session in a floatation tank, as well as getting all the relaxing benefits of the floatation and also the positive effects on aching muscles and bad backs etc the floatation tanks have around 1,000lbs of epson salts in them and as you will be in there for around an hour this gives your body a great opportunity to absorb lots of magnesium as well as the sulphur initiating detoxification.

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