Anna Yoga Comic Strip

Just wanted to illustrate the main concepts of Anna Yoga, the yoga of food a bit more, see Anna Yoga Blog. First and foremost the main ingredient ‘love’ can be added to the simplest of dishes. Even beans on toast can be prepared in a loving and awareful way!

Add love to your food

On a similar theme. It’s important to put a positive energy into food as you cook. Food made with enthusiasm and passion always tastes better.

Putting a positive energy into food

It’s not just about the preparation, how you eat is also important. Once you have received it, pour your love and gratitude onto your meal. it’s better than any sauce. Even canteen food isn’t beyond redemption!

Eat with awareness

Avoid rushing your food, or eating while working or too much TV. Worst of all is arguing as you eat, make an appointment to have a good row an hour or two after you have eaten.

Eat in a relaxed way

The basic message is to love your food, in preparation, serving and eating. That’s the secret of anna yoga!

Appreciate and love your food

I would really like to thank Chris Ion who works at Dru Midlands for illustrating the cartoons and adding his unique sense of humour.

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