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What really happened at this year’s Yoga Show

Went to the yoga show this weekend, which was great. Somehow though I have conditioned myself to go to these shows really hungry. I think it’s from my time working at Dimensions the Dru health food store. Then we used to go to lots of organic food fairs, and wholefood product shows. They had loads of freebee organic chocolate, snack bars, halva as much as you could eat and enough to fill your leaflet bag. Unfortunately going through the aisles of the yoga show I could see there wasn’t much on offer, not even yogi tea!

Great Dru Yoga classes every hour

Luckily there was the dru stand with a dimensions food section, with feebee barley grass to drink, and snack bar samples.  Sandra who was running the stall was often distracted talking to passers-by so I could help myself to the barley grass and handfuls of miracle bars. There was plenty of my favourite orange flavour one too.

Plenty of barley grass to try out

Me grabbing a good handful or miracle bars

Feeling satisfied I ventured out into the show again, and found a really great juice bar, with loads of different juices. Wasn’t free though but I did notice that the double size one was only a little bit more than the single one. Meaning I could drink half of it, put whats left into a clean smaller cup and sell it on to one of my friends. What really impressed me was not only did the juice come with a straw but also a special lid, making it impossible for the yellow froth to get stuck around my mouth while passing thousands of people at the show.

Juice with orange froth proof lid

It’s now 5 to something so I rush back to join the on the hour Dru class, and more miracle bars!

Time to enjoy some great yoga

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