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Today’s Quick Lunch

Today its my turn to cook, I am going making a really nice dal. Not simply because its easy, just boil a bag of lentils and add a few spices , or because its cheap, (a bag of lentils is about a quid, which then triples in size when you cook it) it’s also very nourishing; pulses are the best source of protein and, if cooked properly, socially safe!

Today I am using split red lentils, which makes them easier to cook and digest. The spices also aid digestion as well as help it taste nice. So first wash the lentils really well, this gets the indigestible starches off, sometimes you need to wash about seven times till the water runs clear. Cover with plenty of water (about double to triple the depth of the lentils) and add my favourite ingredient bouillon powder, this one is great it has lovage in it which really makes stews and soups tasty.

Wash the lentil well

Add the magic powder

Chop the onions

This bit always makes me cry

I want this to simmer for at least an hour maybe two, to really break down the lentils and make them digestible. Pressure cookers are great for pulses they save time and fuel, leave a bit of space at the top as there is quite a lot of froth from the lentils. My ingredients here are a bit limited but what I have got is fresh and tasty. Just going to make a base of onions and garlic, I have sliced them and going to saute them in a bit of butter. Want them to cook well so they become sweeter.

Keith’s Tip: Raw onions and garlic can be strong for the ayurvedic (fire) pitta dosha, and the cooking sweetens them which helps balance (vata) dosha.

Once the onions and garlic are cooked I am adding some curry powder, stirring that in for a few minutes, then the chopped toms. these tomatoes here are so full of flavour and energy. That’s about it, but the most important thing is what am I adding to it from my own energy?  am I stressed, angry, upset? No way! I have been in the pool this morning and so far managed to avoid annoying people! Also done my meditation, feeling great so I am interacting with the food in the positive way. It may sound fanciful but just try it and see, the food actually tastes different. Often if I am angry the food will burn, its like the excess fire goes into the pan.

Keiths tip: Asofetida or hing really helps take the gas out of pulse eating, just a pinch will do. Unfortunately I haven’t any here so we will have to put up with it.

Once the lentils are cooked, I am just going to add the curry powder, then simmer a bit longer and add salt and pepper. A little bit of salt and black pepper really helps balance vata air dosha and helps digest the lentils. That about it but I know its going to be delicious because I have put a really positive energy into it. My intention was to enjoy making a nice meal, that’s simple nourishing and delicious.

Keiths Tip: Apart from using fresh healthy ingredients, add positive energy to the food.

The next thing is to lay it out nicely, play some calming music, create a nice environment,it’s not just the food that nourishes.

Keiths Tip: Dish it out as well if you can, you can add a lot of love to the food at this point, and that is what really nourishes and satisfies.

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