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More Food Inspiration From Bulgaria

Its my turn tonight to cook again! Whoever is doing the rota is forgetting to put themselves on it… So pinto beans tonight, why? Because we have got about three things to choose from and we have done the other two. So I soaked these for 8 hours. People looked shocked when I say that, soak overnight or for 6 to 8 hours, as if you have to stand over it for all that time! No just put them in a container cover with double depth of water, leave it, do what you like (you are free) then come back next day or later.

At home I would probably have used tinned chick peas or something, but this is so much better. No hidden salt or sugar, and these beans are alive – leave them a day or two and they would sprout. So they are full of vital energy, enzymes and vitamins. Now these will need cooking for at least an hour, unless you have a pressure cooker then its a speedy 20 minutes. Just get them to the boil in plenty of water as they will absorb a fair bit, cover and simmer with a good lid, then leave them to it.

Keith’s tip, Use fresh ingredients, the living energy from live food is also a nutrient. That’s why you feel full of energy after eating raw food or veggie juice


All the good stuff has been used up by the lunchtime cooks, but I have found some onions and garlic. Actually I hid the garlic, because there wasn’t much left this morning, so going to fry them up. First the onions and garlic, well cooked so they become sweet, then the peppers.


 Keith’s Tip: Use your creativity to use up bits and bobs,

Actually I love looking at what we have got and making new recipes. Be confident and enthusiastic, and the creative energy also adds to the food. That’s why when you first make a recipe it tastes delicious, because you have put a lot of yourself into it. After a while it becomes repetitive and the enthusiasm goes down that’s why it doesn’t taste so good. In fact make good use of your own store cupboard of enthusiasm, joy, creativity and love, avoid your store of unhealthy ingredients of anger, anxiety and rushing.

Not everything has to be done the hard way, i have just found a jar or two of Bulgarian tomato sauce. It looks veggie and healthy, then add some parsley and tomatoes to make it look home-made.

veggie? or not?

add with love

Now all we need to do is drain the beans, and add the delicious home-made sauce. The smoky bacon after taste must be a vegan flavouring like you get in crisps.

Keith’s tip: When the beans are just starting to soften you can add vegetables like carrots, and potatoes and let them cook with the beans.

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  1. you’re a funny funny man, Keith! I enjoyed this tremendously! Brilliant visuals for full effect! Look forward to more of these! x

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