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The Trip Back to Wales

I thought Bulgaria was bad for veggie food, till i just got the train to Wales. Was a bit late, so no time to stop at the Euston M&S food store for a really healthy falafel wrap and salad as planned. Had to rush on the train at 7pm really hungry at the mercy of the buffet bar, would it even be open?

Got to the bar as soon as the train set off, as usual there were only a few sandwiches left, tuna, BLT ect not a cheese one in sight. My face dropped, but lurking in the corner, a lone  pizza. Saved, this was quickly heated up in the microwave, still in its wrapper. Helpfully they put the pizza in a bag for me but upright! So most of  the cheese slid off the pizza, the rest stuck to the lid. Some of the tomato sauce slid off too. undeterred I supplemented the lost tomato with some ketchup, and replaced the cheese with a sachet of mayo. Looked pretty convincing when i spread it all over the top! All it needed was some fresh parsley.

My pizza, with mayo to replace the cheese

As I went to school in the 1960’s, there was the double horror of school dinners and having to eat them. Memories include suppressing the gag reflex and forcing down large bowls of tapioca, and semolina! At last that training came in handy good stead to eat the pizza.


the tapioca nightmare

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